Na sceni Sarajevskog ratnog teatra u srijedu, 27. septembra u 20h ponovo se izvodi predstava „Savršen kroj“.

Savršen kroj” je komad razotkrivanja i prepoznavanja koji pre svega govori o muškim slabostima. Kroz slučajni susret dvojice po svemu, naizgled različitih muškaraca, drama tretira pitanja morala, stanja u društvu, sistema vrednosti, odnosa muškarca prema ženi. Razotkrivaju se slabosti i strahovi protagonista. Ipak, možda, novokomponovani tajkun Marko i krojač na ivici egzistencije Svetislav i nisu toliko različiti. Možda imaju mnogo više zajedničkog nego što se to u prvi mah čini, a možda ni njihov susret i nije bio slučajan.“ – autor teksta Vladimir Đurđević

Predstava „Savršeni kroj“ nastaje po tekstu darovitnog srpskog pisca i dramaturga Vladimira Đurđevića (Balada o Pišonji i Žugi, Ne igraj na Engleze, Tri klase i gospođa Nušić, Bajka o pozorištu) i u režiji poznatog filmskog reditelja i dramskog pisca Jasmina Durakovića.

Uloge u ovome komadu igraju Admir Glamočak (Svetislav Šnajder) i Sead Pandur (Marko Milun), dok ostatak autorske ekipe čine Osman Arslanagić (scenograf) i Lena Stevanović (kostim).

Predstava je koprodukcija SARTR-a i UG Scena, dok je izvršni producent predstave Amira Kudumović, viši asistent na odsjeku Produkcije ASU Sarajevo.

Rezervacije ulaznica možete obaviti radnim danima pozivom na 033 664 070 i subotom na 060 327 0025 u periodu od 10h do 16h.

Ovo je tekst zasnovan na čistoj teatarskim situaciji i urađen po mjeri glumca. Zato oni nose najveći  dio tereta u procesu stvaranja ove predstave. Rad sa glumcima jeste i jedna od osnova stvaranja ove pozorišne predstave, zato svoja čula prilikom gledanja ove predstave treba okrenuti ka njima. Ovu predstavu ćemo sada prepustiti publici, jer za nju je i pisana i postavljena. Teatru publika mora biti važna, a raditi žanr je legitiman put kojim se stiže do nje. Oni koji se ozbiljno bave umjetnošću znaju da je teško napraviti uspješnu komediju.
Zato će se život i uspjeh ove predstave mjeriti po broju njenih budućih izvođenja.
Neka nas Fortuna prati u tome.“ – reditelj predstave Jasmin Duraković.


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    • Amazing post Laura! You are such a wonderful person and thank YOU for bringing so much happiness and sunshine to those who meet you! I’m glad you didn’t leave San Diego for selfish reasons, had you not continued to pursue your dreams I wouldn’t have the pleasure of knowing you and calling you my friend. Love <3

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    • I'd like to hear from the "EDL English Defence League Freemasons Division" and their take on this unfortunate incident. Perhaps the "EDL English Defence League Ginger Division" may choose to weigh in on the matter and provide their perspective.But seriously, why on earth was it decided to erect a specific division within a movement whose members only seek to defend their families and the neighbourhoods where they grew up?Sag.

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    • Minua kiinnostaisi kuulla myös pesupähkinöiden ekologisuudesta ja turvallisuudesta tarkempaa tietoa. Jossain radio-ohjelmassa (jota en ehtinyt kuunella loppuun) hieman viitattiin siihen, etteivät ne ehkä olekaan kovin eko-teko. Minua kiinnostaa myös “laiskan ihmisen” eko-elämä. Eli jos löytyy vinkkejä kuinka vaivattomasti voi elämästään tehdä terveempää ja kemikaalittomampaa. Oma vakaa uskomukseni on, että valtaosalle ihmisiä ekologisuus ja luomuus on tehty niin vaikeaksi, että siitä luovutaan tyystin. Kiinnostaisi myös katsaus pääkaupunkiseudun luomukauneushoitoloihin.

    • dar y no esperar, lo mas profundo, la mayor belleza, divina canción eterna, simple naturaleza,con este alimento hemos crecido, todos los seres,… y nosotros que hacemos, ¿preguntas imposibles?, si existe en el recuerdo, es la misma partitura,…… armonia y universo, …… Gracias madre …..gracias padre….. mis amigos,mis hermanos, y yo tambíen tengo que hacerlo.

    • Luca, io ancora non l'ho visto, e non è nelle mie priorità. Però, stavolta avevo una strana sensazione.Mi fido delle tue impressioni… anche se forse non la metterei così giù dura. Possibile che per Eastwood sia solo un momento.Certo, poi non ci credo neanche io a questa cosa che ho scritto qui sopra… però è bello sperare.;)

    • Amen to everything. Lamentably, I find that when I do have the "time," I tend to waste it on trivial things. Procrastination? Yes.So for the new year, I make a promise to myself that I will take the gift of time when presented to me and use it as stepping stones to my goals and dreams.

    • edyyy, chiar tu ai raspuns mai inainte, daca se uita frumos la tine… as mai adauga: daca rade la glumele tale, daca nu te evita atunci cand incerci o apropiere (fizica, sufleteasca, de comunicare)…daca te urmareste, te priveste des, daca incearca sa fie mereu in compania ta, in apropierea ta…

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    • I work on Saturday nights & at my age I’m dead on “some” Sunday mornings…but I never miss a sermon because of this site. I’m so very thankful that I was led to BC…the Holy Spirit has given me the gift of your messages on a level that I “get” … I do so enjoy the interaction and blessings of weekly classes and events, and I embrace the many friendships that are offered to me at this church. It is, indeed, a very special place to, I’m sure, so many people like me who are looking for answers, love, friendship and respect…we are grateful!

    • Just on a serious note … all our bright engineers studied physics and electronics and aerospace in the 50’s and 60’s and that’s why all the bright computer stuff came, and continues to come, from the US.Nobody bright studied mechanical engineering. That’s why Japanese companies are led by engineers, and US companies by marketers and accountants.In the long term the best thing we could do would be to put lots of money into undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering scholarships for US citizens. It will pay off in 10-20 years.

    • I love, love, LOVE Bonnie Hunter’s site and quilts and scraps and……!! I would love to win one of her books. She was supposed to be coming to our guild and I am so disappointed that she isn’t able to – a book wouldn’t make up for it but it’s a start!! (lol)

    • Mazzarri era nervoso, vedendo la squadra contratta, di fronte ad un Villareal chiaramente inferiore. Per questo ha preso Nilmar e lo ha scaraventato di lato per prendere subito la palla. Aronica come dice BBruno da multare, lui si che è un teatrante ridicolo se le fatta sotto come contro il Milan in casa con Nesta. Questo sta a sottolineare che ha poco carattere oltre ad essere mediocre.

    • I think the nontargeted improvs are brilliant. The GOP ep made me uncomfortable, but it sounds like it worked out okay. The Ted/Chris one really made me uncomfortable and slightly voyeuristic if that’s possible on the radio (but of course I listened until the end);contacting him the following year feels like harassment especially when it’s pretty clear that he still seems disturbed by the incident.

    • "Hey, what about Brother Nate?"I turned my response into a separate post: .Suffice to say here that Brother Nate advocates securing a future for a polyglot America which includes jews, he just doesn't want them driving the bus. As far as I can see he doesn't spell out how to get there.For my part I think the how includes harping on self-determination and freedom of association, voting with our feet, and putting our money where our mouths are.

    • Meeting her for the first time and discovering her dark red eyelashes, chubby cheeks (even though she only weighed 3 lbs) and dimpled hands, long skinny feet, and those sweet little squeaks and coos that sounded like no other baby I'd ever met…. but above all, experiencing the peace we felt when we met her. 8 months ago tomorrow.

    • David, I’m not sure how well Drew would do as a pilot. But he was a marine. So I figure if he wants to poke fun he’s earned the right. As for the questions having a leftist bent…the administration is always ridiculed. If it was Clinton the questions would likely have had to do with eating or sex. How many american’s think they can eat more hotdogs than President Clinton” How many americans would let their closes female relative work at the white house. etc.

    • RaggMopp, that’s an interesting idea and there’s probably be some truth in it. Racism is still a big problem in the United States. And the question is a good one… what is it about evolution? At it’s core, it does nothing to disprove the notion of God unless you happen to be a bible literalist. So the enormous denialism is a bit puzzling.Maybe I’m just seriously underestimating the amount of bible literalists that exist in this country, though.

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    • Love love love this idea!! Oh and the dancing image…so glad I’m not the only goofball! Top of my list somedays, cartwheels and back flips…I’m sure It looks quite strange seeing a 36 year old flipping around her yard, oh but the joy it brings is totally worth looking silly. And hey, it may make someone else smile too and of course art, always art. Even a little doodle. Such a great idea Sherry! Thanks for sharing.

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  91. Expelling or excluding criminals is both Constitutional and right. Making laws that limit people’s freedom to move and settle based solely on their nationality and/or race and/or place of birth is neither Constitutional nor right. “Aliens” does not equal “criminals,” just like “citizens” does not equal “law-abiding.”

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  147. Right on, bro! (Hey, i get to say that as he IS my brother). LOVE the back-to-back cab photos. What could be a more powerful wake-up call than the back-to-back photo comparison of fiction and reality (that, along with the trend report you’ve posted of the exponential rise in climate-related disasters)?

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