Promocija knjige slavne regionalne spisateljice Vedrane Rudan biće upriličena u dnevnom programu banjalučkog Demofesta!

Jedanaesta knjiga, ujedno i njen sedmi roman, nosi naziv “Muškarac u grlu” i predstavlja ovu provokativnu spisateljicu u najzrelijem izdanju do sada, a promocija ovog djela će biti održana u petak 21. jula u 13 časova u Kulturnom centru Banski dvor u Banjaluci.

Vedrana Rudan

Kroz odnos glavne junakinje sa nekoliko različitih muškaraca, Rudan u najnovijem djelu bez dlake na jeziku otvara nekoliko tematskih okvira koje u svojoj prozi ranije nije doticala. Ispod pojavnog, spoljašnjeg sloja narativa lagano izbija opor utisak o nemogućnosti komunikacije, o teškoćama na koje nailazimo u nastojanjima da dosegnemo ideal istinske bliskosti između dvoje ljudi, o tome kako smo čak i u najbliskijim vezama koje u životu uspijemo da ostvarimo, ipak osuđeni na to da do kraja ostanemo zarobljeni u sebi samima.

Takođe, Rudan će prvog dana festivala, u četvrtak 20. jula u društvu još pet sagovornika učestvovati na okruglom stolu “Žene u umjetnosti”. Zašto Vedrana važi za jednu od najpoznatijih spisateljica u regionu, moći ćete da provjerite na Demofestu.

U sklopu pratećeg programa Demofesta za sve posjetioce Banskog dvora Demofest će organizovati “Dinja – stand up show”, i to prvog dana festivala, u četvrtak 20. jula u 14 časova. Dinja je domaća internet senzacija, čiji klipovi imaju na hiljada pregleda. Dinja je, naravno, skup izmišljenih likova. Dinja su marginalci i autsajderi. Svakodnevno govori o braku, nasilju, licemjerstvu, nevjeri, roditeljstvu, muškarcima, atmosferi u kolektivima, školama. Kako u opisu njenog YouTube kanala stoji, “svaka sličnost sa stvarnim osobama i događajima je namerna”.

Sandra Silađev Dinja

Upravo to je razlog zašto je Sandra Silađev, glumica koji stoji iza lika Dinje, odabrana za dnevni program ovogodišnjeg Demofesta, u kojem će nam se predstaviti i kao jedna o učesnica okruglog stola “Žene u umjetnosti”.

Deseto izdanje Demofesta će biti održano od 20. do 22. jula na tvrđavi Kastel u Banjaluci, a tokom tri dana festivala na dvije bine će zasvirati 50 demo bendova, kao i 15 revijalnih izvođača, i to zahvaljujući Nektar pivu, kao generalnom pokrovitelju te prijatelju festivala kompaniji m:tel i zvaničnom telefonu festivala Huawei P10.


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  4. Putin confuses me. I can’t decide if he’s a good guy, bad guy or if he’s just a guy who’s somewhere in the middle. However, when the US starts bashing Russia – that leads me to believe he’s not that bad. His trip to Israel put me off a bit but while he was there he visited the church he was baptized in so he’s at least Christian. I’m curious why PCR didn’t mention the fact that Pussy Riot were jewish women and I’m wondering why he’s blaming America when it’s a well known fact that Stalin still has supporters in Russia?

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  6. This morning I received the following comment by email from a friend at AUPE: “Just to add some pretty speculative fuel to your Calgary Centre column fire, Swann stopped by the Monterey picket line yesterday and gifted us with a case of Orange Crush. Was he oblivious to the partisan symbolism or hoping to make a statement? My money is on the former. Still, I laughed about it after reading your piece.”

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  9. Could we get some Anderson Varejao write-ups? I haven’t seen many of their games, and understand it’s scorers that get MVP hype, but 15 ppg 15 rpg. I just need to know where to find a write-up on him. I can read the numbers on NBAGeek, but am unsure how they stack up vs. other MVP candidates.

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  11. I was really dissapointed with the season finale of Survivor, but that’s not a book, just a show I invested about 15 hours into! I am also disappointed with the way teh red paint in covering our kitchen walls. We have invested 7.5 hours so far and will continue to paint until the color is even!!!

  12. From babies, to grown kids, what do you think about it?-Are they reckless, and innecesarily putting their kids at risk?-Are they attention seekers?-Are they a refreshing break from this paranoid world we live in?-Are they just proud of their kids and want to share them with the rest of the world?

  13. Thank You!! Thank You!! I too thought it was off!! I went into settings (new interface) and selected no moderation, which I though was the captcha thingy…after reading this, I went into the old interface…and what do you know…there it was. I am ready for my flood of comments…:)Alisha

  14. Chris says:May 13, 2010 at 6:03 am“too ethical, too honest and too principled” to know and/or find out (between 2005 and 2009) why his wife received, rather was gifted, “shares (which) were paying material value – I mean millions and millions of rands” on the day that he, Pikoli, was appointed NDPP?BTW, Selebi was alleged (see the article referred to above) to have been “in possession of a letter that can cause embarrassment of Ngcuka and NPA” around Rautenbach – is it true that the Rautenbach matter was “settled out of court”?

  15. Hey Lauren! You’re right about Tiny. How could you not love him? I don’t know if your copy of WG, WG had the Q&A with the writers, but David Levithan talks about how he wanted to write characters that were in the middle of something. Like how WG was in the middle of battling depression instead of being diagnosed. Like how Tiny is in the middle of musical and he’s already come out.I will say that while I found lowercase WG annoying, I do realize that he’s battling severe depression. His character helped me to see how crushing depression is and how your view of the world is skewed. But seeing him evolve was nice.

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  18. I think you might have hit the nail on the head when you say that its a difference between being a tourist and living somewhere – you develop a different relationship with the place and its interesting that the two of us who found the post negative have lived in China. Will have to give it more thought. You’re right that its a tough place to travel to and live in but the rewards are more than worth it.

  19. Tom – you call this a "restaurant review" but I'm not sure how it qualifies as one. All you tell us by way of review is that fit people go there and it has a pool. Did you really hear girls boasting they hadn't eaten? And what's with the casual homophobia?

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  23. If you have a Netflix account, both Firefly the series and Serenity the movie are available for instant streaming. Actually, come to think of it, Netflix has a ton of great shows and movies available to stream, should Mark ever run out of ideas, which is admittedly rather unlikely. (Hi, Mark! I'm excited for your sites!)

  24. Ahhh its great when kids get into the whole chairty and jumble rummage thing to ;-)) There soon be bringing you goodies home to ;-)) You look gorgeous as always love the dress and i love a denim jacket to. This weather is really pants i think we have had a fair share of rain now. Love your little tin and sewing box there great. dee xx

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  31. The racists — who were very wrong, make no mistake — were defeated at great costWhat cost? There was considerable effort, but it cost nothing as far as I can tell. And if "progressives" freely chose to assume that cost, why should I care? The fact that they paid for it does not mean I should support it.The "costs" of solving this problem certainly vastly outweigh any benefits.

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  42. prokázat, jak se to stalo, by stejnÄ› neÅ¡lo, tím pádem mi můžou tvrdit, že jsem to tÅ™eba hodila z okna 😀 takže opÄ›t ztráta časubudu prostÄ› jenom nasraná 😀 ale aspoň se to dá využít jako příležitost vyzkouÅ¡et příštÄ› nÄ›jakou jinou micelárku, Avene a LRP mám v plánu už delší dobu a teď i důvod 😉

  43. You have my sympathy for the crap weather, and you can whine all you want and we'll still love you…especially if you wear outfits like this! I think this is one of my faves of yours because you are showing off your gorgeous gams!! The hat, dress and boots are brilliant together – perfect for go go dancing, as Melanie suggested.

  44. Love the pics, Morgan! So funny – I had on that same dress yesterday! Anthropologie, right? [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:July 5th, 2011 at 2:01 pmYes! Wasn't it the best price ever?! I mean, for Anthropologie. [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:July 5th, 2011 at 2:01 pmYes! Wasn't it the best price ever?! I mean, for Anthropologie. [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ]

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  46. Yeah, the game was probably as exciting as a 0-0 game can be. The only downside was that my butt was sore from not being able to jump up an celebrate the goals. Ryan-the cookies were awesome. Anytime you have a few extra of those peanut butter things…well…you know where my seats are! (and again, thanks!)As far as Lundmark goes, it’s nice to have someone with his experience/talent on your team, but if you don’t wanna be here, then don’t waste anybody’s time!

  47. Eh oui, la tombe de Wilde… Magnifiquement mise en scène dans le film « Paris je t’aime » (plus précisement le court métrage de Wes Craven, intitulé « Le Père-Lachaise »).A-D et Pitou : Vous trouvez Steven Carroll séduisant ? Moi je préfère l’auteur de ce blog (à choisir) !

  48. I know everyone is hurting now. I would like to point out for those in really dire straits shopping at local farmer’s markets and places like Sprouts will save at least 50 on the bill. It is something we all are having to deal with. I wish the people in Kansas the best.

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