Basheskia & Edward EQ se vraćaju sa novom pjesmom


Nepuna dva mjeseca nakon objave hit-singla Armagedon u kojem su sarađivali sa Adnanom Šaranom, Basheskia & Edward EQ se vraćaju sa novom pjesmom.

Iako stilski drugačija, Setting Sun je nastavak rada zabilježenog na LP-u ”Fatherland” i pjesma kojom ove godine vrlo aktivni dvojac još jednim potvrđuje da je riječ o najzrelijem elektro/indie/pop projektu iz BiH.

Poslušajte/streamajte/skinite/kupite Setting Sun singl na jednom od digitalnih muzičkih servisa, a svakako pogledajte kako je atmosferu pjesme na video prenio Ervin Prašljivić, sada već stalni saradnik benda na izradi video spotova za njihovu muziku.

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  2. Eve,The more I think about it, the more I think your point is a good one. I think I would rather have them have their own little corner rather than messing with wikipedia. As long as they keep putting out such trite material, they will never be taken seriously by anyone except fundamentalists.

  3. I love this time of year!! Gabe has my daughter excited and freakishly scared about the elf!! He must really be excited if he goes to school and tells all about it.Olivia has a chocolate filled advent calendar and somehow got confused today thinking there was only 5 days left until Christmas so she ate every day up until then… hmmmm … really???

  4. asa e, noi toti exageram cand e vorba de victimele maidanezilor, numai voi nu. Si, da, vreau neaparat sa vad macel, sa vad sange de maidanez!Tu cum crezi ca poate un caine sa sperie un om? Dar doi caini? Doar asa, trecand pe strada? Vezi ca sunt o multime de javre care alearga dupa masini pe strazi centrale; ce crezi ca se intampla cand doi maidanezi alearga dupa o bicicleta?Cand te trezesti din vis, mai vorbim! 

  5. I did think HR HALDEMAN was a somewhat random 10-letter name. I wondered if he also might have been having his 100th this week, or if he had been associated with “Breaking the Code” in some way. I looked it up but didn’t find a connection.While HRH worked well for the puzzle, no doubt other names could have been made to work too. What it did, though, was give me a brief moment of thinking that someone had the audacity of making a tribute puzzle to a Watergate co-conspirator. That was worth it.

  6. Et oui Laure. Plutot une ecole internationale que l’ecole francaise pour mes fils. Pour etre honnete il m’a semble que l’heure de chinois hebdomadaire de l’ecole francaise etait un peu legere. Et puis ce microcosme franco francais a la limite de la neurasthenie n’etait pas ce que je voulais pour mes fils.A+

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  11. Haha, c’est drôle, je ne savais pas que vous aviez un un blog.J’ai lu “Pyongang” et “Chroniques birmanes” au CDI du lycée, pendant mes heures de perm, et je dois dire que j’ai beaucoup aimé. Un petit tour dans le quotidien du bout du monde! Après tout, le bout, n’est-ce pas le plus difficilement accessible?En tout cas, merci bien, la lecture était fort sympathique.

  12. that the Arabs own Hollywood. Which is pure nonsense to anyone with half a brain. Also Bilderberg is anything but running scared as Jones would have us believe. Bilderberg is Jewish through and through. These jews consider us as cattle, goyim, to be slaughtered at will which is exactly what they are planning to do. Jones is a cowardly liar. He is leading many people down the road to destruction. He had the gall to say that the oil volcano was not that bad when in reality it will cause untold misery and destruction all over the planet.

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  14. At least four times a year there should be month-long warnings about the dangers of Islam. PROTECT INNOCENTS.24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at every airport and train station in Europe and Britain, police must hand out warning pamphlets to ALL tourists, listing ALL of the no-go Muslim areas where it is too DANGEROUS for NON-Muslims to enter. Not to do this is unforgivable and evil because without this necessary information, the lives of tourists are placed in great danger.

  15. I’m an RN, and I worked in the OR at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital from 5/99 until 5/07. I can give you stories that will curl your toes about how the goals management sets for nurses affect (negatively) patient care.They’re all about cutting costs, to hell how that affects patient care. Nurses are seen as overhead–a nurse is a nurse is a nurse, never mind what experience you’ve had, or how long you’ve been a nurse. If you, or any member of your family, or anyone close to you, has ever had someone close to you in the hospital, you know how important nurses are.

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  18. This is so true. One of the biggest social problems is peer pressure. It takes a courage not to behave like the rest of the crowd – to risk being ostracised and mocked for not embracing aggressive behaviour. It takes a real man. Remember that you’re not born a man, you become one – by your actions and your beliefs. And real women want real men.

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  25. The real problem for liberals is this: how are they going to run the country when the cupboards are bare and they are used to buying everybody off in order to stay in power? Also, immigration can’t be used to save the liberals, even though we use it as an economic crutch in this country, because it has been milked to death.

  26. Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey, and Indonesia all have democratically-elected governments (although I am not claiming that any of those states has a perfectly functioning democracy).I’m glad you qualified that. Not great examples of democracy are they? To demonstrate, compare to Australia, America, [though the Dems are doing their best to subvert it] Denmark, dozens more where it’s real and not subject to a rigid ideology based on the writings of a 7th century tribal warrior whose modus operandi was military invasion and subjugation of the rightful inhabitants. Much as his descendants tried to do to Israel in ’48.

  27. I don’t that people really think we’re headed towards Mad Max Armageddon or Weimar-style hyperinflation or any other kind of doomsday scenario. If they did, they’d be seriously planning for it, instead of flapping their gums about it. There’s a lot of pain still to come, but this country has seen worse.

  28. I’m also from the US and an attorney. You are correct on the standards of proof, criminal vs. civil. My point was only that law is not science and is prone to a fair amount of vaguery, imprecision, and often plain unfairness. In the OJ criminal trial you had prosecutors who were largely inept and a judge blinded by the media attention. In the civil case the plaintiff attorneys were brilliant and would have prevailed even with a criminal standard of proof.

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  30. / Howard, I think you need to take a long hard look in the mirror. You may have self discipline when it comes to what goes into your mouth but none when it comes to what comes out of your mouth. Joel is right, the government has no right to control every aspect of our lives. Sooner or latter big brother will force you into doing something you don't like or prevent you from doing something you want to do. You will wonder how you lost your freedom, well don't. It started here and you did nothing to prevent it.

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  33. Oh, and one more thing from someone who spent a brief time at a sister agency to the ATF. Don’t ever “return” a call to a police organization when you suspect something is a miss. That is what lawyers are for. So don’t go calling up the ATF yourself and complaining etc. If you are going to pursue anything, please have an attorney do it for you after consulting with him/her. Consider that you’re on the ATF radar screen now. That ain’t gonna go away for years, if that. Remember that they are the big dog in the neighborhood.

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  36. Regarding the whole NCAA Violations matter, I truly think that the NCAA needs to either be more efficient – and thereby more of a martinet – or become more realistic in their evaluations. While I have absolutely no use for the likes of “Cal-the-Lip”, this current Bledsoe thingy is a waste of time, money, and newspaper ink … The NCAA ought to simply follow the olde adage of “Follow the Money” !!! No $$$, no violation … By $$$ I mean the disbursement of anything by anyone (school, booster, or supplier) to anyone associated with the kid !!!Seems pretty simple and realistic to me !!!

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  42. I watched every minute of the OJ trial and concluded there was no way he was guilty, while everyone else listened to the media's recap each day, which seemed to recap a totally different trial from the one I had watched. The media convicted OJ by swaying public opinion, and they were crushed when he was found not guilty. I doubt the PC folks will ever allow the real killer to be tried.

  43. Well Ken, I hope the “pregnant” pause between the date this was posted and now, is you rappelling down the face of cliff on your way to your “woodshop” to put the finishing touches on a walnut trestle table and matching benches.

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  61. 50 GrimShame on me? I hope you mean shame on the journalist. And I use that term loosely. When I post articles from the Advance, it’s not to say this is the truth. It’s to say look at the stupidity of the people reading this that might actually believe.That aside, I do believe SI will be the last place to where sellers will capitulate. SI has always been a very desirable place to live in the 5 boroughs because of the price and the good public schools in comparison to the rest of NYC. I’ll leave the segregation out of it.

  62. I’ve done the loop around Walker park many times, including the part around the senior center. No issues so far…though I only go there during the day.As to the crossing, I would say either a bridge or tunnel, no particular preference. That street seems too busy, the speeds too high, and the road too wide for a crosswalk.

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  67. Dear Amy,I am so sorry. I wish I could somehow make things better. It’s funny…I’ve never met you, K., E. or Z., but your pain (and your joy) is so real to me. I really admire your honesty. I sit here in awe of you. Thinking of you, wishing you a little bit of peace.

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  73. My argument is descriptive not normative. i.e. I'm not making any judgment about whether Israel has a superior moral right to maintain immigration restriction compared to places like Norway. Your description does strongly imply a value judgement. When you claim (falsely) that countries other than Israel were not intended to be the homelands for specific peoples, you are not only making an erroneous description, you are suggesting that these countries are violating their historical foundations in trying to be the home of a specific people now.

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  75. He has been “critical” of settlements in the same way the US government is “critical” of them. Offering meek, vapid and entirely ineffective verbal “criticism” while otherwise using every trick in the book to make sure Israel can go on colonizing at its leisure.Note that even if Dershowitz was actually opposed to the settlements, that would not make him any less of a pathological liar and sociopathic monster.

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  181. Ashley ~ Oh, I so agree with you! Set the expectations high–people have a tendency to live to expectation. They rise or fall in concert with the expectations people have of them. So, aim high! I am also loving the image of my son sailing across the sky, just clearing a pitched barn roof. LOLThanks!~Kris

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