Samsung je predstavio novu Connect Home platformu pametne kuće sa aplikacijom za upravljanje svim pametnim uređajima, sijalicama, gadgetima i ostalim uređajima u okviru događaja predstavljanja novog Galaxy S8 pametnog telefona.

Trend upravljanja uređajima glasom je u fokusu mnogih ponuđača uređaja u ovom trenutku, ali čini se da se Samsung fokusira na činjenicu da niko do sada još nije zaista ponudio hub (čvorišno) rješenje pametne kuće kroz aplikaciju. Kompanije poput Applea i Nesta su blizu tih rješenja, ali još ima prostora i za Samsung, koji čini sve da se priključi ovom trendu.

Samsung Connect je najavljen uz novi Gear 360 (2017), Samsung VR, Galaxy S8 smartphone i novi Gear VR.

Kao i upravljanje IOT (Internet Of Things) uređajima putem oblaka, Samsung Connect će također pomoći da uvežete nove tehnološke uređaje putem procesa konfiguracije u tri koraka. Kao i Samsung 2017 gadgeti, Connect radi sa novim Connect Home ruterom (koji je ujedno i SmartThings hub) i kompatibilnim uređajima kao što su Philips Hue pametne sijalice, Ring video zvono na vratima i Netgear Arlo kamera, a iz Samsunga najavljuju da će se uskoro proširiti na još mnogo više uređaja u budućnosti.

Iz Samsunga također poručuju da postoji nekoliko probnih Connect primjena u praksi: “Nije to ništa zapanjujuće novo, ali na ovaj način demonstriramo koliko je jednostavno postalo uvezivanje pametne kuće i kontrola i automatizacija njenih uređaja”.

Primjer toga je da sada možete koristiti Connect u kombinaciji sa najnovijim Samsung SmartHub frižiderom da vidite sadržaj frižidera preko kamera, kada ste u pokretu. Možete podesiti lokacije u aplikaciji, kao što su dom i ured i dodijeliti im uređaje na tim lokacijama, ali i dalje biti u mogućnosti da ih kontrolirate unutar iste aplikacije.

Tu su i različiti modovi za sinkronizaciju uređaja. Na primjer, programirajte dugme za trenutak kada napuštate dom – kojim automatski isključujete sve za dan nepotrebne stvari poput pametnih sijalica – i jednim signalom pokrećete Samsungov robot usisivač da krene “na posao”.


    • that I had to appear in person with my wife so we could be “presented with respect”.The phone numbers that came up on call display were 1-000-012-3456 and “edata135″ – what’s up with the phone numbers???I figured I wasted about 20 minutes of their time. I hope they call again – it was fun playing along and asking the same stupid questions over and over again.Sounds like the Cranberry Resort scam – people still call about that one too!

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    • Another change, Donald, can occur when your perception of another person changes. It occurred to me when I discovered that a business partner was not a trusted ally but was embezzeling from the company. Talk about a dramatic cold shower wake up call! Did it advance my story? You bet it did.alex wilson´s last blog post ..Like? 2

    • well you weren’t there and neither was i for us to presume this man was not attacked is not fair the police will put there case togheter and gather all the facts lets stop the marches and rallys and the tweets by spike lee tweeting the address of zimmermans parents were disgraceful and dangerous behavior and also was the wrong zimmerman people are out of control calm down and wait

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    • I am amazed as to the giftings the Lord puts in people to share and enjoy and tonight I had my first chance to read some of your thoughts and people’s comments and now I have subscribed and am looking forward daily to see what has been shared. Your’s is a unique gift and I have been ministered to by them. I know lots and lots of folks will be able to partake of your gift, Chelle. Keep the thoughts comin’ girl

    • If not austerity (of course not as advocated by Samuelson) cutting avoiding expenditures and enhancing taxation, then the other option is Quantity Easing ie printing fiat currency – resulting in killing inflation – and then again resulting in less and less supply of goods and services – another situation of partial unemployment. Sanity demands that fiscal consolidation be exacted and also not to hamper the economic growth.

    • I feel the same way you do Bob. I’ve had it since I was 13 but didn’t know what they were until I was 18 because my doctors were like “really a 13 year old wouldn’t have that”. It has held me back for so long that I feel like it’s one of the last things I need to get through so I can really take control of my life.

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    • Funsfinn, all I remember saying was “Maverick, my ass” 4 years ago and ever since…. that guy lost all sense of dignity when he forgave the Bush election fteam for thier disgracful attacks on his family in the 2000 primary of So. Carolina… I would have voted for him in 2000, but now I wish he would go away… Maverick, my ass!

    • Forestelf Не так! хто не подивився фільмі і пишуть українською мовою – по ТВОЇМ словам просто ДИБІЛИ. Вилупень, ти хоч перевіряй, що пишеш!

    • Somehow metallica really works when you are feeling melancholy about love… I recommend a good dose of the And Justice For All album… You could just put ‘One’ on repeat for that matter….Try to keep your chin up about the love bit… Not that I am in any way qualified to give advice, but I do believe we are meant to love some ONE person. The world is great and all that. But it’s not a substitute for the one-on-one love.

    • Ben, I haven't seen your response to the point that that the relations between human beings and animals or even some, not all, of the less technologically sophisticated civilizations provides strong evidence for point 4. In fact I haven't seen you directly attack 4 just that the possibility of hard takeoff is small. If you do agree with 4 or that hard takeoff has a significant chance of being similar to how we treat say, cows or even dolphins, would you say that preventing 4) should be a strong priority?

    • I’m now a large fan of The 90s Are All That on TeenNick. To tell the truth however, I’m starting to get bored with today’s selection of television shows that they are at the moment running. Hopefully they are going to start rotating a different variety of shows in the lineup. Assuming they will not conduct this, subsequently regrettably, Nickelodeon will quickly reduce tv audiences.

    • Re: Bias’They can’t seem to get away from the servicing mentally when we are supposed to be strategic partners. That’s why we clash with suits, we live in two different worlds…’I have to disagree. Are you saying Account Folk in general are getting in the way of a strategic partnership with the client? When creatives are paid based on how many awards they win? Which may or may not have anything to do with the job we’re meant to be doing. Reaaalllllyyyy?

    • While I would've never thought to pair watermelon with the rest of this salad, it does sound very refreshing and so summery! I have a very young son, and he has already spent several days this season, playing barefoot in the grass along with his little cousins, each clutching a wedge of watermelon. It is a delight to watch!

    • un cellulare cinese ti chiede se vuoi abortire, non è un'incomprensione linguistica: i cellulari cinesi fanno anche quello (d'altronde è un optional molto richiesto in Cina, ed è sicuramente meno idiota dell'applicazione iFart per iPhone…)Ovviamente è solo una battuta… In Italia comunque sarebbe illegale perché la Chiesa non accetterebbe mai un metodo così barbaro per porre fine a una gravidanza: l'unica strada deve rimanere quella di uccidere l'embrione con la forza! E qui purtroppo non scherzo…

    • É animador este cenário em nosso setor, principalmente em nosso estado, o problema de se abrir sua própria empresa são os inúmeros encargos e a enorme burocracia que se tem para ser seu próprio patrão. Infelizmente ele (Governo) não observa que um novo empreendedor é, na verdade, um gerador direto e indireto de empregos. Talvez se todos nós estudantes, como futuros profissionais que somos, nos mobilizássemos amenizaria essa sufocante “burrocracia”. Vandilson Sousa

    • You’re not alone. Me refiero a, you’re not alone as far as having bought the ebook. But as far as learning your lesson – congratulations, you are one of the minority who learned from the experience. There are many people out there who keep paying for gimmicks and never “move on”. Listen to Man O’Mystery and Don’t be an e-book addict, niños!!

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    • This teaching was so powerful, this is why many of the people who are still lost to Salvation won’t come into the Church because they have been lied-Church hurt comes from lies. It was also powerful for me because it has been a generation curse in our family for many years. This will be so helpful for me as I pray and talk about this with my dear family members. Thank you and God bless this MinistryMary

    • Thank you, Baron. I guess there’s only so much poor Geert could do with that hairdo :)And, by the way, thanks for the updates on Fitna. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ll get to it eventually. It’s an important message.And even if it were dreck, it doesn’t deserve to be censored.

    • Fue un placer conocele y contar con su presencia y su apoyo en este acto tan especial para mí. Quise venir a darle las gracias mucho antes, pero el ordenador se me puso cabroncete y blogger no me permitía comentar… Lo pasé estupendo, me sentí muy arropada y como en casa. Y es que este internet nuestro es una maravilla para aproximarnos. Gracis por la reseña también. Espero que nos volvamos a ver en la Feria del Libro. Un abrazo muy fuerte.

    • SÅ‘t, tudtommal már az alkotóházaknak is seggükre vertek… 🙁 Mire mink belépünk, mér semmi elopni való sincs… Ilyen a formám. Szégyen!Tudtommal a Preyer novellák a megújuló Arcképcsarnokban jönnek majd ki.Az ÚG pályázat díja a megjelenés, a kiírás szerint a hat legjobbnak.

    • A number of us Shoreham Chapel regulars are disgusted at the way Dave Maring and his law practice have conducted themselves. We are spreading the word to our Fargo friends.No one, not even lawyers have the right to such shameful behavior. Dave Maring should be ashamed of himself and his company.

    • Ik ruik het bijna tot hier. Wat heerlijk ziet dat er allemaal uit. Dat doet me eraan denken dat ik ook nog een brood moet bakken vandaag!Wat een prachtig fornuis trouwens. Wauw.Ik ga straks ook nog wat breien voor de haard denk ik. Die sjaal moet af.Groetjes, Sandra.

    • “You shall surely not die.” … and the church has been repeating the refrain, even when such teaching goes against the most popular verse … John 3:16. Perish means perish.Consider this:1/14/06 – From God the Father…Shall I, even I, torment My beloved, they who are tormented continually by he who is, and has, torment in his vesture? Satan is the tormentor. … Become, again, a child of God, and learn to walk uprightly, leading others into love, by love, not fear.

    • comentou em 10 de novembro de 2011 às 02:48. Julia que wonderful de lindo….Eu sou apaixona pelo estilo PinUp, olha espero que um dia eu consiga fazer um delinear de olhos como vc… to tentando viu muito, mas ainda falta muito para mim…. o marrom é perfeito para o dia para o trabalho adorei tudo……

    • UHUL!!! Amei o vídeo, uniu o útil ao agradável, pq adoro ver seus vídeos, sempre me divirto, me inspiro, me ajudam demais, e agora posso de alguma forma treinar o inglês, pelo menos a parte de ouvir e entender…rsrs Vlw Camila! vc é o máximo!!! bjao[]

    • अगदी खर लिहलत…मी सुदधा हयाला अपवाद नाही, खुप वेळा घेतला आहे हयाचा अनुभव…५०० व्या पोस्टबद्दल खुप खुप अभिनंदन, ….साहित्यिक व्हॅल्यु वैगेरे काय ते माहीत नाही बुवा आपल्याला पण तुम्ही जे लिहता ते वाचायला आवडते.तेव्हा असेच काय वाटेल तेच लिहत रहावे.शुभेच्छा..!!!

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    • thanks soooooooo much Patricia!我收倒你寄俾我既叮噹啦!好開心呀~~ >v 唉, 唔洗 add 我啦, 勁灰, 我已經死左第三次啦!!! 要去買隻正版 game 先可以同你玩了, o徙晒樓上 Nikki 送比我o的道具呀. 🙁

    • Appreciating the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you present. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

    • Grandiosa l'analisi degli automobilisti… E' uguale anche qui… c'è solo meno traffico, ma i guidatori sono simili…Hai dimenticato i guidatori dei suv BMW X5 che le rotonde a due corsie non le fanno e tirano dritti, entrano nella corsia più a sinistra per uscire in quella più a destra… Bastardi!


    • Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people think about worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

    • Besides many good comments in newspapers there is no real change in the Government of Pakistan's attitude in respect of the discriminatory laws still on the books against members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. For that matter the US Government, which is 'aiding' the Pakistan Government to the tune of billions of US$, also does not bring up this request forcefully.

    • yesterday, this national energy scheme doesn’t seem to included Quebec’s hydro, etc. just Alberta oilsands.And Liberals have come out against the Northern Gateway to ship our bitumen to export markets.Land locking bitumen would keep it at the current discount price (cheap for the Eastern provinces)We’ve seen this movie before, 30 years ago. The NEP.I blame REDford for opening up the flood gates for this kind of intervention.

    • John, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I do like the LD so far. It is replacing my smaller and heavier 2P tent. I feel like I may could fit my wife and son in here with me if I needed to. (They are both small people.) I want to get me a solo shelter next, and the cuben is awful nice… Chad

    • Jeśli myślisz o stygmatach na dłoniach… no to jest problem. Rzymianie nie wbijali gwoździ w dłonie tylko w przedramię, tuż przed przegubem. To wynika z anatomii. Wbicie gwoździa w dłoń nie miałoby sensu, bo ukrzyżowanego utrzymywałaby tylko skóra. Wbicie w przedramię daawało pewność, że tkanka i kości utrzymają ciężar biedaka. A teraz pytanie, gdzie ludziskom te stygmaty się pojawiają?

    • · It’s my belief that mesothelioma will be the most fatal cancer. It’s got unusual qualities. The more I look at it the greater I am assured it does not conduct itself like a true solid flesh cancer. When mesothelioma is actually a rogue virus-like infection, hence there is the chance for developing a vaccine in addition to offering vaccination to asbestos exposed people who are open to high risk with developing future asbestos connected malignancies. Thanks for discussing your ideas for this important health issue.

    • Coucou!J’aime beaucoup ce type d’apéro, des mini-brochettes! Cela nous rappelle l’été avec les barbecues, et nous permet de laisser les traditionnels toasts de côté!Allez, j’ai des invités le week-end prochain, je tenterai votre recette! Alors merci pour cette jolie présentation!

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    • Christina, thanks for your question. Yes, unit price and aisle for each list is different. Changes to “Milk” at Food City will not affect “Milk” at Wal-Mart. However, whenever you make changes to your items in shopping list, changes are propagated to Favorites and then to Pick list. So if you’d like to keep unit price different for multiple shopping lists in the future, you will probably need to use . It might be useful to have a look at as well.Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments.

    • Non mais je l’ai quand même regardé, il y avait Dolgopolov et un teuton de l’autre côté du filet. Un petit double c’est plaisant parfois (bon heureusement celui-ci était court, j’en avais marre des volées ; pour me calmer je me suis repassé l’intégrale de Borg-Vilas RG 78).

    • நன்றி ..ரதி..உங்கள் மனக்குமுறல்கள் தொடரட்டும் .. தமிழ் மண்ணில் பிறந்திருந்தும் ஈழத்து ரத்தம் மண்ணில் விழுகையில் ஒன்றும் செய்யாத கையலகதவர்கள் கூட்டத்தில் நானும் ஒருவனே ..இன்றும் தமிழகத்தில் , ஈழமும் புலிகளும் தமக்கு சற்றும் தொடர்பில்லாத வேற்று நாட்டு சங்கதிகள் என்ற எண்ணம் இருக்கவே செய்கிறது ..எம் கருத்தை ,நியாயம் என்றாலும் , மற்றவர் மனதில் திணிக்க முடியாத நிலை தான் இங்கு..உங்கள் குமுறல்கள் அதை மாற்றதா ? என்ற ஏக்கம் மட்டும் இப்போது …

    • Tjs pas de surprise, Nole ne partait plus favori vs Tommy.Mais peut-être que Fed a la mono et ne nous l’a pas dit….Alors on aurait une finale Haas-Murray.Quoique Roddick me semble capable de passer la Murène, s’il sert le feu comme c’est le cas pour l’instant, il a quand des armes plus percutantes que l’Anglais.En plus ça nous ferait un dimanche ensoleillé à passer à l’extérieur car un Roddick-Fed, on a déjà vu assez souvent, ça n’a guère d’intérêt. (3 sets en 1h47 de jeu)

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    • Unquestionably imagine that that you stated. Your favourite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to have in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get irked whilst other folks consider worries that they just don’t recognize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and outlined out the whole thing without having side effect , other folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

    • George ‘Islam is Peace’ Bush er Verdenshistoriens Største Islam-apologet. Aldrig før eller siden har Islam haft en bedre ven i vesten. Han tog 9/11 og brugte det som et afsæt for Islam-apologetisk propoganda. Han har smadret U.S.A.s økonomi, og sÃ¥ er han den eneste amerikanske præsident nogensinde som har tilladt ‘foreign based’-terrorisme at lave alvorlige anslag mod landet.

    • I have a question – I have some posts on my Facebok Page that can ONLY be seen by me as a person – meaning, they can’t even be seen by me when I’m managing my page under my page’s name. And they definitely can’t be seen by anybody else. They are not spam, they are checked as “Allowed” and still no one else can view them. Do you know what this problem is?

    • Why is me typing in caps offending people? I mean seriously do you have that much time on your hands to actually write a message in this forum just to talk about how writing in caps is rude or it means im yelling? Lets use these forums to help people with problems NOT to talk about capitalized letters..

    • Ben had the cord wrapped around his neck. Made delivery difficult, but was ok other than that.I was low on iron too. I’m assuming that was what made me crave liverwurst. I made sandwiches of it for snacks and LOVED it. Can’t imagine why else I could tolerate it.You look fabulous by the way.

    • Em junho de 1941 0 paquete "João Belo" que navegava para Cabo Verde como transporte de tropas foi intersectado por um submarino alemão, não tendo havido mais incidentes para alem de terem chamado a bordo o comandante das tropas portuguesas. O meu pai era militar e seguia a bordo. Agradecia alguma informação sobre este incidenteJ: Valarinho

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    • Barry Bonds – with or without steroids – is one of the greatest baseball players of all time. With steroids, he became the greatest. Sadly, he never learned media relations like his "friends" Sosa & McGwire. A casual reminder that these middle aged, white sportswriters would be the ones having the final say over his career probably would've served Barry well (not that he would've heeded it anyways).He should be a first ballot HOFer in every scenario.

    • It’s no wonder they did this in secret, the public would certainly protest even the contemplation of censorship of the Internet. And the negotiations were carried through by the Obama Administration? That almost feels like betrayal. I am not politically conservative at all really so my vote was definitely going to go to the Democrats, but now it sort of feels like I’m only picking between the lesser of two evils…

    • Celso Azevedo • 10 de Abril de 2011 às 22:50Olá Thiago,o upload de temas apenas é possível para quem usa o WordPress.ORG. Se o seu site é o que deixou aqui nos comentários, ele está no wordpress.COM que é um serviço muito limitado e não dá nem para editar temas nem fazer upload (a não ser que pague para poder fazer isso)

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    • I guess I just don’t take issue with anyone doing anything for toys for tots or any other charity for that matter. I mean hey, it’s not like they’re offering the KIDS 2 for 1 lap dances. Some kid is going to have a better Christmas thanks to Bambii (2 i’s) and Candee (2 e’s) at the ol’ Platinum Cabaret.

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    • Difficult to tell the dimension of these in photos. How tall are they? Wish we could be there to see this and your other installations…as we keep saying: someday.Our Editor Responds: I’m preparing the big drive with part two today (tile installation) and it looks like rain. Gaaads. I think the panels are around 6′ something. This one is the narrowest of them

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    • >> RW: But, in your response to what you would be willing to do in dissent, you haven’t stated any limits. No limits in words … no limits in action.I am willing to bet that Koshiro’s limits don’t extend to ethnic cleansing, something which:- you have yet to rule out, as far as a future physical form of it is concerned; and- you actually support, as far as past physical and future bureaucratic forms of it are concerned.

    • Good article, Matt. I am acquainted with several people from other countries through a pigeon forum (I keep homing pigeons) and it is amazing at their attitude towards guns and the control thereof. They openly state that they believe guns are bad and more control is needed. They claim we Americans have a “love affair” with our guns. No amount of explaining the 2nd Amendment seems to do any good and the facts that you have just published are ignored.

    • Two things that bug me about Daley:1) political nepotism should be quashed, totally. No more Bushes, Kennedys, Daleys, etc. People are too prone to creating leadership dynasties, and it’s horrible for systems that are intended to be meritocracies.2) It’s possible he’s much smarter than he sounds, but he rarely fails to make an ass of himself when he has to speak for more than a few seconds without a script. oh, and the corruption

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    • Fuck Germany is not constructive. Honest feeling but it won’t help get rid of that latent plump pride (rooted in romanticism) that started to reappear, openly, in the 1960s. Hopefully the events written in the article shows that the old Germanic mindset is finally changing. I suppose it starting with a bunch of awkward techno-anarchists is obvious in retrospect.And Bahar, I’m not sure if you need a history lesson, therapy, or a good bitch slapping but STFU.

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    • – Thank you so much Ruth for joining The 13 Project. It’s people like you that inspired me to create it in the first place. Thank you for all you do for animals and all you do for inspiring others to help as well – you’re awesome xx

    • Salam aleykoum pour ma part je suis très interressée par cette rubrique car on a des situations quotidiennes où on ne sait pas trop comment réagir. De plus, avoir un petit endroit où on peut parler de nos problèmes sans avoir peur d’être jugé ou autre, est une très bonne idée. BarakuLlahu fikoum pour cette idée!!

    • It’s so hard!Quitting weed, I mean.As much as I could do with some inhibition lowering, I much prefer it to alcohol, and I have to have some poison. I’m a little dissolute in my way, slogging through my own pains of the heart and balancing my private nature with the need for the kind of openness you are so beautifully capable of. Sorting out my broken past and putting the pieces back together, you know, that old story ; )

    • “They knew things that the administration did not want disclosed. This is the ultimate in STFU!!! Ambassador Stevens and the other US personnel paid the price of having too much knowledge!” Exactly. Ugly business. There are things worth dying for…but if this really is what they died for, that’s just plain evil, on all sides.

    • Just rewatched the episode and noticed two things that I don’t think were mentioned above.There is an 8 inside the statue of the bunny that miles looks under to find the key, probably doesn’t mean anything but you never know.I think the DI symbol on the jump suit that Faraday has on is of the Swan station, seeing that they are actually still building the swan I would assume that now Faraday will be on of the people that helps build it.

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  1. BRAVO, BLINGO AND BLU JON! So sorry to hear that El Vino finished 7th. When we visited Barn 55 last Sunday, we could not help but feel a little more of the Z Era/History had left. Some in the barn expressed similar feelings. He was such a great workmate for Zenyatta. I will never forget seeing him after he was gelded. They placed him in a stall near John’s office for observation. He loved that stall — he could see all the activity. His head was constantly hanging out, enjoying it all.

  2. The article was in reference to Colin Powell and Cheney.What does that have to do with where Gore, Obama and Bill served?Powell was an intricate component when selling this war to the American public. His opinion changed and he has earned the right to voice that opinion.It does not change the character of the man.

  3. .. “it’s not how you play the game that counts .. it’s who gets to count the money first” ..Jack Kirby was a great talent .. who created entertainment empire .. and he got workman’s wages for it .. and the people he made wealthy deny him credit for it.

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  22. Bob,If I preach on salvation, or on the Lord’s Supper, or on baptism, or on the Church, or on the nature of God, or on the Gospel, or even if I preach an evangelistic message; the “Baptist” should come out of you while you’re preaching on these things. It should. If I’m preaching on Romans 8, dont you think that the Baptist understanding of that passage should clearly come out? that we’re saved forever? If I’m preaching on the first few chapters of the book of Acts, should not a Baptist understanding of tongues and the church and baptism and the Lord’s Supper come out…naturally?I think so.David

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  179. Thank you for sharing “JOY!” I feel that we must celebrate the JOY of our faith, and not get so wrapped up in all the world: worry, fear, and all those things that detract and try to steal our joy. I tell my kids that no matter what: No one can steal your joy because that is God’s gift to your soul!

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  183. Liked this viewpoint on perception. Thanks for sharing. I have often worried myself sick about things that hadn’t yet happened until I realized how debilitating that was for me. Thankfully I now only worry about things that have actually happened.

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